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mama mary.png
greg nicholas.jpg
Gregory Nicholas
4th Generation Psychic/Medium who uses various oracles and domino's
Brenda Brand Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Stone Readings, and more
lady vharsen astrology.jpg
Lady Vharsen Astrology
Astrological Charts, Personalized Horoscopes
Mama Mary
Channeler Psychic Medium, Quantum Healer, E.T. Regressionist works with Mufon
psychic light worker.jpg
Psychic Light Worker
Energy Healing (Reiki), Card Readings, Candles, Jewelry, Resins and Decor, and more
energy healings by jessica.jpg
Energy Healings by Jessica
Psychic Readings, Blue Ray Healing, Reiki Healing, Gifts
bobbi robinson.jpg
vanessa salazar.jpg
Vanessa E. Salazar, Psychic Medium
Psychic Mediumship Readings, Energy Bodywork, Energy Cleansing Soaps, Energy Cleansing Water
jenn hodgson.jpg
Jenn Hodgson
Readings, Mediumship/Card, Candles, Incense, Crystals, Books
bellwether path.png
The Bellwether Path
Intuitive Tarot Readings, Spirit Dolls, Pendulums
soulstice sisters.jpg
The Soulstice Sisters
Holistic & Herbal healing, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Medical Intuitive Readings
sweet southern medium.jpg
Sweet Southern Medium
Tarot Readings, Crystal and Metaphysical Items
ross filmore.jpg
Ross A. Fillmore - Psychic Intuitive Card Reader
Psychic Intuitive Card Readings
Medium Bobbi Robinson
Mediumship, Spirit Communication, Incense


ghost hunters logo clear background.png
Tri-C Ghost Hunters LLC
Paranormal Team,
Ohio State Reformatory Resident Paranormal Team, ParaPsyCon Hosts
jenna & scot investigate.jpg
Jenna and Scot Investigate
We sell Paranormal Equipment such as Spirit/Ghost Boxes, various Trigger Objects, Scrying Mirrors, and Moon Water
Paranormal Equipment such as Electronic Light Dowsing Rods, Trip Wires, and Para-REM
The GhostHunter Store/Dave Juliano (SPEAKER)
Ghost Hunting Equipment, Spiritual Items, Religious Items
111 paranormal.jpg
111 Paranormal
Aura Readings, Witches' Jewelry, Paranormal Investigations
j and j paranormal equipment_edited.jpg
J and J Paranormal Equipment
Ouija Boards, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Protective Jewelry, and more
travelers moon.jpg
Travelers Moon
Paranormal Investigation Team, Content Creators, Podcast Hosts, and more
187 pi.png
bump in the night.jpg
Bump in the Night Society
T-Shirts, Decals, Hats, Pendants, Bags, and more
Brave Ohio Spook Seekers
Paranormal Investigations
187 P.I.
Old Paulding Jail, Candles, Soaps, KII Meters, Jewelry, and more
adam bonnett.jpg
Adam "Glider" Bonnett
Paranormal IInvestigator


Greg Feketik
Author, Paranormal Investigator, Books
jason mccleod.jpg
Dark Siege Books/Jason McLeod (SPEAKER)
Author, Books Dark Siege series, and more
daniel klaes.jpg
Daniel Klaes (SPEAKER)
Books, Haunted Hinsdale House memorabilia, Death Walker Merchandise
Rami Ungar the Writer
Author, Tarot Card reader
Ed Kelemen.jpg
Ed Kelemen, Paranormal Investigator  & Author
Books, Sage Candles, and more


heirloom haberdashery.jpg
Heirloom Haberdashery
Hats, Apparel, Jewelry, and Smudge Sticks
gemma lyns gems.jpg
Gemma Lynn's Gems
Crystals, Metaphysical Items, Wiccan/Pagan Based Items, Jewelry
barbs beads and more.jpg
Barb's Beads and More
Signs, Crystal Grids, Pendulum Boards, Ornaments, Coasters, Jewelry, Resin Items
enchanted boutique.jpg
Enchanted Boutique
Aura Photography, Paranormal Stickers, Mugs, Crystals, Tarot Oracle
fantastical creations (2).jpg
Fantastical Creations by Jill
Embroidered and Sewn Goods, Plushies, Wall Hangings, Jewelry, and more
goddess elite.png
Goddess Elite LLC
Shirts, cauldron Candles, Smudge Soap, Gargoyles, tarot, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Spooky Jewelry, Ouija Boards
thinking witch.png
Thinking Witch
Handmade Chainmaille Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing with a unique and spooky twist
reiki inovations.jpg
Reiki Innovations
Natural Stone Jewelry
Lola & Co Designs.jpg
Lola & Co. Designs
Candles, Wax Melts, Shirts, Tumblers, Signs, and more
brimstone boutique_edited.png
Brimstone Boutique
Taxidermy Home Decor, Jewelry, Intention Candles, Sachets, and more
ruby moon studio.jpg
beloved moon.jpg
Beloved Moon LLC
Metaphysical Crystals
pyrite illusions.jpg
Pyrite Illusions
Unique Carved Stones, Gems, Crystals, Accessories, and more
jewels meta tique.png
Jewelz Meta-Tique
Crystals, Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets, and more
Ruby Moon Studio
Metaphysical Shop, Crystals, Jewelry, Oracle & Tarot Cards, and more


mrps-logo-gray (1).png
The Ohio State Reformatory
Historical Site/Museum
A variety of Haunt and Horror items
222 Paranormal Podcast
Recording Interviews, Stickers, Books, Dowsing Rods
andreas creative crafts.jpg
Andrea's Creative Gifts
Cards, Glass Banks, Designer Water Bottles, Stickers
blackberry basil apothecary.png
seymours captive cryptids.jpg
Seymour's Captive Cryptids
Handmade Latex Cryptid Masks, Cryptid Novelties
Blackberry Basil Apothecary
Handcrafted Witchy Goods, Pillows, Scrunchies, Tarot Bags, Graphic Tees, and more
wicked winter wonders.jpg
Wicked Winters Wonders
Halloween/Witchy Items such as Mugs, Candles, Signs, Jewelry, and more
blsck swamp paranormal.jpg
Black Swamp Paranormal of NWO
T-Shirts, Paranormal Equipment, Hats, Vinyl Decals, Jewelry, Toys, and more
orgone alchemist.png
The Orgone Alchemist
Orgone Pyramids, Tarot Boxers, Ritual Kits, Aura Photography, and more
wildwood sanitarium.jpg
The Wildwood Sanitarium
Haunted Location, Paranormal Investigations
Roads Hotel.png
not afraid.png
Not Afraid
Paranormal Podcast, T-Shirts with Not Afraid Logo, and more
Lost limbs.jpg
Lost Limbs Foundation
Lost Limbs Foundation Merchandise
The Roads Hotel
Roads Hotel Merchandise
as you wish.jpg
As You Wish Custom
Embroidered Items, Key Chains, Journals, Purses, Wall Art, and more
witchcrafts soaps.png
WitchCrafts Soap Co
Handmade, Artisan, All Natural Soaps, Lotions, and Other Personal Care Products
history of a haunting.jpg
History of a Haunting Podcast
Podcast Promotion, Koozies, Bags, Shot Glasses, Interviews
paranormal xl podcast.jpg
Paranormal XL Podcast
Podcast, Spiritual Readings, Merchandise
Killer Card Game.png
haunted documentaries.png
Haunted: Documentaries
Merchandise, DVD's, Books, Aura Sprays, and more
Scorpion Lair Games
Killers - The Card Game
paranormal cryptic show.png
The Cryptic Paranormal Show
Paranormal Livestream Advertising, Merchandise Sales
charmed by m.png
Charm'd by M
Bag Charms, Metal Bookmarks...made out of new items and vintage jewelry
haunted heartland tours.png
Haunted Heartland Tours/Sherri Brake
Books, T-Shirts, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, and more
DV Logo no bg.png
Devil Vision Media
Production Company


Scofield Cafe